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A little bit about the machines we have at Kosdown Digital and how they can make your presentations even better.

installing the new VUTEk printer

Introducing the VUTEk GS3220, our latest acquisition and the printer that removes the limitations of print.

As you can no doubt understand, we get very excited about having a new printer enter our family, and this one brings digital printing to a new level.

Let’s start with colours: Four, six or six plus white. That’s impressive but when a machine can do them all in a single pass, that means there’s no problem with registration errors. All the inks fall in the same place making your displays look even better.

Then there’s the matter of substrates. The possibilities start with a single continuous roll up to 3200mm wide or two simultaneous rolls at 1500mm wide. Then we move on to boards which can be up to 50mm thick.

Think about a situation where you can print directly onto a perspex sheet and layer your images with a white block-out so that different images appear when the printing is front-lit or back-lit.

We’re excited because we can’t wait to see what our clients will do with all this new technology. It’s really going to change the way we think about displays for trade shows, advertising, and anything you can think of.

Oh yeah, and it takes at least 5 people to move it!